Ghostbusters 3 – Nouveau réalisateur et début du tournage en 2015


La longue période de gestation pour le film Ghostbusters 3 va commencer en 2015, mais sans le réalisateur original de la série, Ivan Reitman.

Selon le site Deadline, Reitman a décidé qu’il ne réalisera pas le film à la suite de la mort de son ami, acteur et co-scénariste des premiers films, Harold Ramis. Alors que Ramis a joué un rôle important dans la création de Ghostbusters 3, Reitman admet qu’il n’a jamais été sûr à 100% de son implication personnelle, et la mort de son ami à facilité sa décision de démissionner. C’est à Amy Pascal de Sony de trouver un remplaçant pour le troisième volet tant attendue de la série, qui est présenté comme un reboot.

“There has been all kinds of stuff, unofficially written about Ghostbusters,” a dit Reitman. “I’ve been reading things online for about four years, speculation on who’s writing, what they’re writing, who’s in it, who we will use, and who’s directing. We’d decided not to comment up till now, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, and it was never clear what Bill [Murray] was going to do. A lot of things happened in the last few months, the most significant of which was the passing of Harold, who was a very good friend who was extraordinarily influential in my career. »

“It’s a version of Ghostbusters that has the originals in a very minor role, » dit Reitman. « When I came back from Harold’s funeral, it was really moving and it made me think about a lot of things. I’d just finished directing Draft Day, which I’m really happy with and proud of. Working on a film that is smaller and more dramatic was so much fun and satisfying. I just finally met with Amy and Doug Belgrad when I got back. I said I’d been thinking about it for weeks, that I’d rather just produce this Ghostbusters. I told them I thought I could help but let’s find a really good director and make it with him. »

“I’m not going to say how many Ghostbusters there will be in the new cast, but we are determined to retain the spirit of the original film, and I am pleased that all of this seems to have happened organically. »

“I’m hoping we can get started by the fall, set in New York, but given the logistics and the stuff that happens, the beginning of 2015 seems more likely.”

– David

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