40 photos de cosplays au Comic Con de New-York

Voici une sélection des 40 meilleures photos de cosplays au Comic Con de New-York, tirée d’un album de 479 photos par Norman Chan via le site tested.com

Message du photographe: This was my first time going to New York Comic Con, and what a year to attend. Attendance approached (and possibly even surpassed) that of San Diego, and I had a ton of fun exploring a new convention venue and figuring it out from a photography point-of-view. The massive muli-floor lobby of the Javits Center–lined from floor to ceiling with glass–made for great daytime photos with cool architecture and signage in the background. The show floor’s bright red carpeting was a little less accommodating. But in the two days I was there, I managed to get a few good photos to share with you. Thanks to everyone who stopped for a photo–and if you find yourself in this gallery, email me at norman@tested.com with « NYCC Cosplay » in the subject line and I’ll get you a full-res copy of your pic!

– David