Feast – Le gagnant dans la catégorie « meilleur court métrage d’animation » hier aux Oscar 2015 (au complet)

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Le Festin (Feast) est un court métrage d’animation américain des studios Disney réalisé par Patrick Osborne en 2014. Il est diffusé pour la première fois le 10 juin 2014 au festival international du film d’animation d’Annecy. Il sort ensuite en première partie du long métrage Big Hero 6.

[wikipedia] Winston is a Boston Terrier that loves to eat. His master James spoils him with various junk food and leftovers topped over his dog food. One day, James develops a relationship with a waitress at the local restaurant, who has him take up a healthier diet and lifestyle. This upsets Winston, since he refuses to eat vegetables. When the couple break up, James and Winston return to eating junk food until Winston realizes James’ depression over the break-up, with a piece of parsley as his only reminder. Winston grabs the parsley and rushes out of the apartment, leading James to the restaurant to reconcile with his girlfriend and marry her. Over a year after moving to a new home, Winston spots a meatball on the floor and follows the trail to the couple’s infant child. The film ends with Winston feasting on dozens of cupcakes thrown off a table during the child’s first birthday party.

– David